Jennifer Lopez has come under fire for some of her choices in investments and endorsements (hey, Fiat!), but this may be the first time the business savvy star has actually gotten sued over them. La Lopez and none other than NBC weatherman Al Roker are being sued ... by a bounty hunter!

TMZ reports that Roker and Lopez are the subjects of a lawsuit because of their association with the Spike TV series 'Big Easy Justice.' Roker and Lopez are producers of the series, which follows a New Orleans bounty hunter named Tat-2. A 19-year-old man named Everette Draughn filed his lawsuit against Lopez and Roker in Louisiana, where the show is filmed, claiming that the show falsely dubbed him as a suspect in a grand theft auto case.

Draughn says at the time of the filming, he hadn't committed grand theft auto (though who knows what's happened since then) and that he's not a fugitive like the show says. Draughn also says that he was coerced -- via force -- to sign the release agreement allowing himself to be shown on television. The episode reportedly caused Draughn not only injuries and a marred reputation, but also to lose his job. Yikes!

Draughn's suing for unspecified damages. Neither Spike TV, Roker nor Lopez would comment on the pending litigation.

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