When a woman says she doesn't like her hair, it doesn't usually make the national news.  But when you're Jennifer Aniston and you  describe your signature look as "the ugliest haircut she's ever seen", that's a reason to stop the presses.

Women everywhere took photos of Aniston's famous "Rachel" haircut to their stylists in the mid 1990's and said, "Here, make me look like her."

The layered cut was given the name "The Rachel" after Aniston's character, Rachel Green, on the TV show "Friends".  Aniston's wore it the first two seasons of the show.

In the February issue of Allure Magazine, Aniston's described the look as,

"the ugliest haircut" she's ever seen. In fact, she can't understand how the look caught on."  (Allure Magazine)

Aniston's longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan came up with cut. He still works with Aniston today.  Aniston may not have liked 'The Rachel", but without it she may have been just another pretty face, who used to be on TV.