Right after the Christmas holiday, one of the most bought Christmas gifts is now being banned.

You may have noticed that there were not as many Apple Watches on sale this holiday season.

Well, let me tell you the reasoning behind that.

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Apple Watch Ban Takes Effect

The United States has officially banned certain Apple Watch models! Why?

NBC News shared that,

"The U.S. has officially banned imports of certain Apple Watch models after the Biden Administration declined to veto an agency's decision to restrict the products."

The watches that are affected come with a pulse oximeter that allows it to read your blood-oxygen levels.

The Verge
The Verge

This feature is included in every Apple watch model since its 2020 Series 6 model.

"In October, the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that the Apple products must be excluded from the U.S. marketplace based on evidence of infringement. That decision, which went into effect Tuesday, would have needed a presidential veto to be overturned."

On December 21st, Apple also prohibited the sales of its watches before Christmas.

The Verge shared that Apple tried to block the decision, but it did not work out.

"While Apple attempted to block the decision while awaiting an appeal, the ITC denied Apple’s request, and the other chance of intervention was a veto from President Joe Biden, which didn't happen."

What Apple Watches Can You Buy?

Well, good question.


If you want an Apple Watch SE, you can buy one since that specific watch model has continued to be sold directly by Apple.

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