By now we all know the power of AI. If you can think it, AI can make an image of it. But not even artificial intelligence could dream up a mural featuring Burt Reynolds playing a flute that becomes a lightsaber. That takes real human intelligence - pure Michigan ingenuity.

The Burt Reynolds + flute + lightsaber mural is on a building along South Cedar Street in Lansing and was painted within the last year. It was spotted by some eagle-eyed reddit users:


Shout out to the person that painted a mural of Burt Reynolds playing a flute/lightsaber combo.
byu/TheFrandorKid inlansing

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The Lansing Burt Reynolds Flute Mural Explained

Why Burt and why the flute and light saber? The Burt Reynolds connection is easy. Despite the persona of a southern outlaw he played in movies like the Smokey and the Bandit series and Gator, Burt was born in Lansing and the city proudly claims him.

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And it's that famous Bandit getup that Burt is depicted in on the mural.

Why the flute? That's easy. The mural is on the side of a musical instrument dealer - the Music Manor.

As for the lightsaber. It's Star Wars. What other reason do you need?

We don't know if Burt was a flautist, but we don't really care. That mural is, to us, as instantly indelible to the city's image as the Wynken Blynken and Nod smokestacks.

If you're travelling from Muskegon or Grand Rapids and want to see the Burt Reynolds mural in Lansing - it's easy. You just need to head eastbound and down.

Take A Look At Burt Reynolds Childhood Lansing Home

While it may be filled with modern appliances, this is where Reynolds was for the first few years of his life, here in Lansing, Michigan. Take a look below.

Gallery Credit: Zillow

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