I'm not so sure I'll ever be a snowbird myself. Since moving to Michigan a year ago, I still get weird looks from native Michiganders when I say I love the cold and the snow doesn't bother me, especially after living in the deep south for 25 years.

That said, I definitely get why snowbirds are a thing, snow is a nuisance, and worst of all, it's cold. It's just science, but as we get older, our skin gets thinner and our tolerance for the cold turns out to just not be what it used to be.

Of course, these days more people are working remotely than ever, so snowbirds can be on the younger side too. Hey, if your budget can sustain living in 75+ degree weather year-round, why not avoid the winter entirely?

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So if you are looking to fly out of the Mitten State and to a more Sunshine State, what exactly should you be looking for? Of course, sunshine and beaches are the obvious things that come to mind when we think of retired snowbirds, but for the younger crowd working remotely, local internet speeds matter a great deal, as does an abundance of restaurants. Taking into consideration the cost of renting or buying a home for a portion of the year is also at the top of the list. Both crowds would also be wise to know the healthcare-related factors cities provide.

While that is a lot to keep in mind, and far from a comprehensive list, luckily StorageCafe has already put together a study for the top places across the country for snowbirds to relocate for the winter.


The study looked at 215 cities across seven snowbird-friendly states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada and Texas. Florida and Texas ate up 69 of the top 100 cities alone, so in the gallery below, we'll look at some of the top options in other states where necessary.

It's worth noting, that the most expensive snowbird destinations are in California, while the cheapest are in Texas and Arizona. Of course, the bulk of the top 10 list below is in Florida as the state is more balanced in all areas. This link leads to the full study if one of the options below isn't just right for your winter escape.

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