Win a national championship and there are some things you can expect, a jubilant fan base, wild celebrations on campus and lots of new threads for sale.

The 2024 National Championship for Michigan gave us all of that. It's surprisingly the most mundane, the merch, that has caught the eye of many online after the game.

BroBible's Grayson Weir spotted the error - or call it the long tradition of calendar confusion in college football.

Should Michigan's National Championship Apparel Say 2023 or 2024?

Here's the issue. Michigan won the 2024 National Championship Game and are, therefore, champions of the 2023 season. See the confusion.

However it's not just a U of M thing. This has been happening since the inception of the College Football Playoffs.

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BroBible points out:

All of the logos on the uniforms — for both teams — also reflected the current year. They wore jerseys with a patch that displayed the year 2024.

And then, as soon as the clock hit zero, hats were distributed to the victors that reflected the year in which the regular season took place. Michigan players wore jerseys with 2024 and hats with 2023.

But now is the perfect time to change things up, but don't count on it.

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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With the playoff structure set to change for the 2024 season, leading presumably to the 2025 National Championship. The confusion will almost certainly linger on due to the structure of the college football regular season which wraps around Thanksgiving then takes a long break with (all due respect here) lesser bowls sprinkled throughout December until the New Year's Bowls which will set the stage for the National Championship.

With a Quarterfinal Round and Semifinal round before the National Championship game, the calendar will likely push deeper into January rather than use the dead space in December. So expect the annual calendar mismatch to continue for College Football.

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