Michigan State's Head Basketball coach Tom Izzo had some words of encouragement for the football teams playing in the 2024 National Championship.

While there is a strong rivalry between the schools in East Lansing and Ann Arbor, the national thing to do is rally around the school from your state or conference should they get the chance to play for a national championship.

And that's exactly what Tom Izzo did during his weekly radio show.

When asked about the Wolverines competing for the Natty, Izzo said, "Someone asked me if I’m gonna root for that team. I said I’ll be happy that a Big Ten team is gonna win..."

That's the proper thing to do, right? To use the word so many sports fans and writers like, it's the "classy" thing to do. Of course. Now here comes the swerve. The full quote from Izzo:

Someone asked me if I’m gonna root for that team. I said I’ll be happy that a Big Ten team is gonna win it since Washington joins us next year.

Michigan State v Louisville
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There it is.

Spartan fans loved it commenting on social media:

I’ve been saying this all week! I’m rooting for the B1G! Go Huskies!

Heard this on the radio last night and busted out laughing. Gotta love Izzo

He's always got some great comebacks

That is a GREAT answer from a truly GREAT coach

University of Wisconsin Badgers vs Michigan State Spartans
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Even a Michigan fan took it in stride, "As a true Mich fan I gotta say. Izzy is a national treasure. Great response!! Go blue!!"

And that of course, Michigan fan, is the correct way to take the rib. After all, you're playing for a National Championship and Little Bro wasn't even bowl-eligible this season.

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