Gang activity has been ravaging the streets of America since the earliest times of the country. Gangsters started to make a name for themselves and become more prominent in the late 19th and early 20th century mostly dealing with weapons and alcohol before transitioning to drugs and prostitution. Since then, they have only become more dangerous as more gangs with different motives have been created.

We all remember the Al Capones, Frank Costellos, Lucky Lucianos, and other big-name mob and gang bosses who controlled different parts of the United States. There are several of those larger mobs still working today but much of the gang activity has been done by smaller gangs. Some of those gangs are local to their area while others are working like "chain stores" and have multiple gangs in multiple locations. A gang that has been causing problems all over the country has made its way to Michigan.

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MS-13, who is mostly a gang of Mexican heritage, started their reign of terror in Southern California. Due to the massive civil wars that were occurring in El Salvador, Guatemala, and other Latin American countries, refugees fled northward. They originally started to keep themselves safe and have a group to hang out with. Eventually, they began fighting with the Barrios 18 which brought attention to both parties in the late 1980s.

Since then, the MS-13 has been giving problems to the FBI day and night. They became MS-13 after having to fall under the leadership of the Mexican Mafia, which labeled them MS-13 due to M being the 13th letter in the alphabet. They have had many members deported due to their wide variety of crimes but they still reign strong today.

They have since been involved in the weapons, drugs, and prostitution game while also dabbling in human trafficking and sex trafficking rings as well. They have made their way into Michigan and several other states within the Midwest region as they continue to give the FBI headaches. Be aware of your surroundings as disaster could strike at any time.

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You don't have to be a gangster to live in this Detroit home built in 1928, but it could bring peace of mind knowing that your house is 'gangster ready' in the event your life takes an unexpected turn.

According to the Detroit Free Press, this home located in the historic Palmer Woods residential district, once belonged to Joseph Burnstein. Burnstein and his brothers were notorious members of the Purple Gang in the 1920s, reputed for wreaking havoc in the city during Prohibition.

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