The State of Michigan might just have a little cottage industry going with selling pieces of the Mackinac Bridge. The Bridge Authority makes periodic offerings of old sections of the bridge available for sale after they've been replaced.

The next round of sales is here and the state is already warning that the pieces will go quick.

What's specifically for sale are pieces of the metal road surface. This is the open grating that you actually drive on and makes your tires hum as you pass over the straits.

Each piece of metal is being sold for $20.

The catch is - you've got to make your purchase in person. Here are the rules:

There are no online sales nor can pieces be reserved. Sale is limited to whatever stock is in the office. The metal may be rusty or have lead paint. You must sign a waiver at time of purchase. They are for sale in the Mackinac Bridge Authority office next to the toll booths on the north (St. Ignace) side of the bridge.

So if you're at the Straits and have a spare $20, you could take home a souvenir few of the millions who have driven over the bridge possess.

So are they just fancy paperweights? Many people shared on social media how they have made craft projects or added to lightboxed photos of the bridge. One person even used a piece in a necklace.

Whatever you chose to do with your piece of the bridge, we'll let a commenter on Facebook have the last word, "they make a grate gift idea."

Connecting the State: Making the Mackinac Bridge

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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