Driving through a heavily industrialized area isn't the same as being on the open road. You're dealing with heavy trucks, trains, and regular traffic - it can be a lot.

There's a location near the Lake Michigan shoreline in Hammond, Indiana that is next level when it comes to road signage.

It was shared on Facebook recently with the OP stating,

This is following 3 other “No Semis” signs.
I see this at work

The strip is along the aptly named Industrial Road - a dead end street that veers off of State Line Road. The narrow roadway ends at some business parking lots and the only outlet is a private railroad crossing that appears much too tight for a semi and trailer to fit.

There are signs leading up to the warning semi drivers. They get increasingly insistent. The first sign reads 'WARNING - Narrow Crossing No Semis Allowed - Semis use State Line Ave.'

Further down signs on both sides of the road read simply 'No Semis.'

Finally at the stop-looking sign with the "Look Stupid Did You Not See All the Other Signs - No Semis."

There's clearly been a problem here in the past.

Here's the railroad crossing in question.

industrial ave railroad crossing hammond indiana
Google Maps Street View

So what should you do if you happen to encounter this situation? If you're in a semi, by all means, turn around! If you're in a car, chuckle, but you'll probably want to turn around too, it's a dead end, after all.

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