We're accustom to seeing many yellow diamond signs when we drive. They're the signs that alert us to upcoming crossroads, curves and any number of features to look out for as we drive. A sign near Lansing has the internet scratching its collective head as it alerts drivers to 'Keep Right Over Hills.'

The sign appears on Delta River Drive just a few thousand feet into Eaton County west of the Ingham County Line/Lansing City Limits. The sign does appear just before a hilly section of road and would be akin to a somewhat rare but much more widely used sign that indicates Hill Blocks View.

The Keep Right advisory could be seen more specifically as a Do Not Pass caution as the hills along Delta River Drive would obscure a driver's view of oncoming traffic. There is a double yellow line down the center of the roadway along this stretch which would appear to make the sign redundant. However, with all things roadsign, they won't put up the sign, if someone, sometime hadn't done something dangerous, possibly accident causing.

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Still the Eaton County Road Commission is getting some internet side-eye for an odd turn of a road sign phrase. 'Keep Right Over Hills' does appear to be unique. In the vastness of data collected by Google, the phrase turns up no results.

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Delta River River is a bit out of the way, connecting Lansing to the small community of Delta Mills and ending at a dirt road, Eaton Highway. But should you find yourself on the northside of Lansing near Delta Mills, you may spot a roadsign that is likely found no where else in America.

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