It's Secret Santa week here at Townsquare Media.  Many of our staff at all 5 radio stations here in Grand Rapids, are participating.

You know what Secret Santa is, don't you?  You draw names from those who choose to be a Secret Santa, and then, for a week, you do something special each day for that person.  Of course they don't know who their Secret Santa is.  It's something fun to do around the office for the holidays.

I'm a Secret Santa so since the first day is decoration day, I came into the station over the weekend when I hoped no one was here, to decorate for the person I got.  I walked into my office, and BAM!  Was I surprised. 

I found my office decked out for Christmas.....with snowmen!  Cute little guys all over my desk, along with a chair decoration, garlands and a lot more. Every time I turned around I found something new and fun.

Who ever my Secret Santa is they sure went to a lot of trouble. WOW!  I feel honored.

Tomorrow is card day, so I can't wait for that.  The next day is ornament day, followed by a treat, and wraps up with a gag gift and lunch pot luck.  Should be much fun.

Oh, yes, I'm a Secret Santa, too, so I decorated someones office, as well, and I have the rest of my gifts picked out for them, too.

What about you?  Do you do a Secret Santa around your business?