Someone shared this video with me on my Facebook page.  It's three minutes long and while it is humorous you may see a little bit of yourself in it.

Roughly 50% of women realize that they are having a heart attack.  The symptoms vary from men's symptoms, so while you think you know what to look for, think again.  If you lead a crazy life with kids, and a husband, a high stress job, or maybe you're just naturally a Type A personality always striving to be the best at everything, your life and the way you are living it might be killing you.  Do you care to learn if it is or not?  If so watch the video below and get a few laughs while learning the pre-symptoms of a heart attack and when you actually may be having one.

This month's Grand Rapids Women's Lifestyle Magazine cover story also has more details inside about things you can do to lower your chances of a heart attack and what to look for if you are heading down heart attack road.