Hulu is joining Netflix as they will increase the price of one of their services but lower the price of another. According to WILX, Hulu is going to raise the price of their live-TV streaming service by $5 at the end of February. If you have never used this service, the Live-TV service allows for users to stream live channels (such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and others). With the increase in price HULU will be one of the more expensive Live-TV streaming services as it will be more expensive than YoutubeTV and DirecTV Now. 

While Hulu is raising the price of their live-TV streaming service it is going to make their traditional video-on-demand service will be $2 cheaper. The VOD service will now be $6 but the ad-free version of the service will not increase or decrease and stay at $12. With the VOD service you can watch network shows a day after they have aired as well as access to all Hulu shows.

Expect to see more changes in the streaming channels and their prices and services as they all attempt to find out how much we are willing to spend for it. You can check out more on Hulu here.


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