In the past we were told to calculate an animals age simply as 7 years, for every 1 human year.  So in other words if you had your dog as a puppy from 2006 and it is 2012, according to the old method your dog would be 6 human years old and 6 x 7 equals 42 dog years.  The calculations were close to the same for cats too.

But now there is a more accurate way to measure your pets age.  Why do you need to know this?  Because animals bodies break down during their life cycle the same way that a human body breaks down.  There are certain things you need to watch for and maybe even adjust the type of food they eat as well as portion size.  It's also interesting that they have found that female dogs live slightly longer than male dogs.  I wonder why that is so?

Regardless, if you want to see how old Spot or Miss. Puss is, this chart can help you out!