There are good concerts and bad concerts, but even the best performers can leave fans disappointed when they don't play long enough.  That exactly what happened in Grand Rapids Monday night.

Al Green performed at Frederik Meijer Gardens Monday night.  He only played for 60 minutes, most fans expected much more. 

Any time a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer plays a show expectations are high.  Expectations grow even higher when that legendary performer is playing in a city where they spent a large part of their youth.  (Al Green lived in Grand Rapids in the 50s and 60s.)  Add to that the fact that Monday's show was Green's first in Grand Rapids in over 10 years and it's easy to see why expectations were so high.

No one is debating the quality of the songs performed by Al Green.  It's the quantity that's up for debate.  Al Green played for about 60 minutes Monday night.  That left fans who had spent more than $70 on a ticket feeling more than just disappointed.  They felt cheated.

Of course, there is no requirement for length of concert, but 60 minutes is cutting it short.  Green gave a reason for the short concert, but few are buying it.  WZZM explains:

He told the sold-out crowd that he was going to shorten his performance because of the chance of rain. The comment was puzzling because there was no rain in the forecast for Grand Rapids.

The whole thing is a bit odd.  Another 30 minutes of Al Green's time would have gone a long ways towards leaving fans happy.  Instead, it's hard to imagine that Green didn't lose a few fans Monday night.