Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Al Green spent much of his youth in Grand Rapids.

When he played in Grand Rapids last year fans were left disappointed when he only played for 60 minutes.

Now, Al Green has disappointed again by declining to play at the Inaugural Ball.

Jennifer Hudson took Al Green's place at the Inaugural Ball.  She performed Green's song, "Let's Stay Together", which President Obama is no doubt a fan of. explains why Green declined:

A representative for the singer told the Associated Press that Green was invited to sing at the inaugural ball earlier this week, but scheduling conflicts prevented him from attending.

Though it is not yet clear what scheduling conflict prevented Green from attending the event, the artist said that he would be honored to perform for the president at a future date.

Al Green's reason for declining may be a good one, but Grand Rapids fans might find that hard to believe.

When Frederik Meijer Gardens scheduled him to perform last year on June 18, there was a lot of excitement around the show.  Tickets were expensive, ranging from $68 - $73, but the show sold out in anticipation of a great performance.

The sold-out crowd WAS treated to a great performance...while it lasted.

Al Green only played for 60 minutes, leaving many fans feeling disappointed or even cheated.

Al Green says he would be "honored" to play for Barack Obama on another day.  Hopefully he will.  Maybe he can come back to Grand Rapids too and give his fans the show they deserve.

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