After a night full of rain, looks like we are going back to the hot, humid stuff. Sure was nice to turn the air conditioner least for one day. If you think this summer has been hotter than usual, you aren't alone. Three out of five respondents in a Rasmussen Reports poll say they believe the heat has been a bigger factor in 2011 than in the past few years. Only eleven-percent disagree, while 28-percent feel there isn't a big difference between this summer's weather and that of previous years. Nearly 85-percent have been keeping track of the media's coverage of the recent heatwave, and 44-percent say they've been monitoring the situation "very closely."

The majority also believe the media is devoting the right amount of attention to the story. Just over a quarter think the media is devoting too much time to the weather, and six-percent think there should be more coverage. Just over half think extreme heat is more dangerous than extreme cold, while 27-percent believe extreme cold poses greater health and safety risks to the public.

Over the past few weeks the Eastern two-thirds of the U.S. have been gripped by a deadly heatwave. In some areas triple-digit heat combined with humidity made it feel like 130 degrees, and more than 60 deaths have been attributed to the recent hot weather.


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