I enjoy good coffee, but I don't enjoy waiting for it to cool. Most fresh coffee is too hot for me, but as much as I'd like to drink it I choose to wait.

A new survey suggests that I am in the minority and most Americans enjoy pain.

According to a Fifth Third survey, more than half of Americans admit to honking after the light turns green, a majority will wait 10 seconds or less before passing a slow walker on the sidewalk and 72 percent of Gen Yers admit to pushing an already lit elevator button.

These are all great useless findings and maybe aren't too surprising. What's interesting is the discovery that 96 percent of Americans will knowingly consume extremely hot food or drink that burns their mouth.

It gets better.

63 percent knowingly consume extremely hot food or drink that burns their mouth frequently.

I think Jerry Seinfeld said it best.

Who are these people?

A few more findings:

  • More than half hang up the phone after being on hold one minute or less.
  • 71 percent frequently exceed the speed limit to get to their destination faster.
  • Americans will binge-watch an average of seven TV episodes in a single sitting.
  • When waiting for a table at a restaurant, nearly a quarter of respondents ages 18-24 wait less than one minute before approaching the host again after the wait period has passed.

Drink carefully.

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