One week it feels like Spring, the next week we have a typical West Michigan ice storm.  Those poor tulips, I hope they make it through the craziness, and the mood swings of Mother Nature. Interestingly enough I saw a news story that talked about how they may be a few weeks late this Spring.  The reason?  The blanket of snow that usually covers them keeps the ground warmer.  Without the typical covering of snow this year, the ground is colder than normal, so the bulbs will have to warm to a natural temperature before the blooms begin.

Good news though for those who can't wait till Tulip Time, May 5th-May 12th!  Going on now, the Holland Museum is kicking off a brand new exhibit entitled, Before the Festival: The Improbable Journey of Holland's Favorite Flower.

With West Michigan's heavy Dutch population it might be fun to learn how the tulip came to be associated with not only the Netherlands but back here in Holland, Michigan.

This is as close as we're going to get when it comes to tulips in March and Tulip Time in May.  For more information visit the Holland Museum website.


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