The standing ovation given to a Northview English teacher has been viewed over 6 million times.

Sheridan Steelman Taught For 50 Years At Northview High School

When she taught her final class, I don't believe Mrs. Steelman ever expected that the students there would line the hallways leading to the door, cheering her as she walked out of the school for the last time.

But that's exactly what happened back on June 1 at Northview high School.

Steelman's daughter, Katherine, shared the video on her TikTok page, mostly so some of the students could see it.

"My mom has taught at this high school for 50 years," she wrote in the caption. "She was 22 when she started as an English teacher. Today was her last day. The entire school sent her off as she left the building one last time ”

It Feels Like The Whole World Knew A Teacher Like Her

Since that moment, the video has been viewed over 6 million times with 1.2 million likes, as people world wide understood the message: that everyone has had a teacher who motivated us, by being the type of person we WANTED to work hard for, who we wanted to show that the lessons were sinking in.

Sheri told WZZM-13 that her took her 20 years to earn her doctorate, and she also ued her spare time to write a book about Shakespeare.

Is it dusty, or am I crying? I'm crying. Mainly because I can think of four or five mentors who I had growing up, who I would not be here today without them. And one of them taught Shakespeare, so I get it.

I think that's why this video took off like wildfire.

And how can you you not like the little twirl at the end? A beautiful end to what must have been a beautiful career.

Here are a couple of other videos Katherine posted in tribute to her mom...

If anyone deserves to be TikTok famous, it's her.

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