Friday night, I had a dream that I worked for Jimmy Fallon; he had a heart attack during one of our meetings and 911 wouldn't respond because of the coronavirus. Last night, I had a dream that I was at my grandparents' house in Milwaukee and it was haunted because they died from COVID-19.

Both were clear as day and upsetting when I woke up. WHAT *clap* IS *clap* HAPPENING?!?!

If you've been having crazy, vivid dreams lately, congratulations - you're totally normal.

According to experts on, dreams can manifest from things that we've thought about during the day. So obviously, if we're thinking about the pandemic, it will become part of our dreams. Also, there's a theory that dreams are your brain's way of working out a problem. So, if the problem right now is clearly the pandemic, our brains will try to solve it while we sleep.

The entire pandemic is also a traumatic event for everybody (too much, too soon), and traumatic events can create traumatic dreams.

There's also a theory that our sleep schedules are off right now - some people are sleeping more than they normally do, some people aren't sleeping enough, and some people (raises hand) are experiencing a little bit of both. That, in and of itself, can create lucid dreaming patterns.

There's a website called I Dream of Covid that's collecting bizarre dreams that people are having during the pandemic and yes, I've totally submitted mine. It feels good to actually jot them down and see them for what they are.

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