The airport offers a small terminal building. sees, on average, 12 planes a month that take off and land on a grassy runway that sees more wildlife than aircraft, yet this small airport bills itself, at least tongue-in-cheek as an international airport.

Greetings from Harrisville, Michigan and Harrisville International Airport - 5Y0 in airport speak. Located south of Alpena on Michigan's Sunrise Side Lake Huron Coast along US 23, Harrisville airport is a small general aviation landing strip owned by the city.

There is a sign approaching the runway that, perhaps jokingly, calls the facility an International Airport. The oddball sign was shared to the Abandoned, Old and Interesting Places in Michigan Facebook group.

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The airport, according to FAA data has been in use since April of 1940. It consists of a single turf runway with a peculiar note to pilots "OCNL DEER & TURKEYS ON & INVOF ARPT." Or: "hey watch out for turkey and deer when you land here."

Incredibly, the lone Google review of the airport does mention the deer: It was amazing the deer was on the run way! Waiting for next flight.

The airport is roughly 90 miles, as the crow flies, across Lake Huron from Canada so it's not inconceivable to have an international flight. However with no accommodations of any type at the airport, pilots would need a plan for getting to and around town.

The Harrisville airport, of course, does not have any scheduled commercial traffic, the nearest airport the public could fly to or from is up the road in Alpena which sees a daily flight to Detroit.

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