This rain just doesn't seem to want to stop around here, and many areas are having flooding issues. But, that's nothing compared to what has happened before. Remember 2013? Okay, how about 1904?

Way, waaaaay back, in 1904, we had waaaay to much rain and neighborhood streets were flooded in, what is now downtown.

Of course, I always paddle down Leonard Street in a suit and tie. Seriously though, thousand of people and businesses were flooded out.

But, closer to home, have we forgotten 2013? The city and county and Federal government had built flood walls, and taken other precautions to eliminate, so they thought, another emergency flood. Think again.


It was about this time in 2013, the month of April, that heavy rains throughout the Midwest caused severe flooding in the region. Between April 8 and 15, Grand Rapids received 3.50 inches  of rain, while Comstock Park received about 5.04 inches.

Then, rainfall broke a 104-year-old record on April 18 with 9.1 inches falling by 9:30 a.m.

On April 21, in Comstock Park, the Grand River crested at 17.8 feet, 5.8 feet above the 12-foot flood level while in Grand Rapids, the river rose to 21.85 feet, or 3.85 feet above the flood level. Rain totals for the month of April were about 11.10 inches.

1,000 people alone were evacuated from the Plaza Towers, downtown. Remember the ducks swimming by some downtown office building windows?

So, what's a little rain. Two to three inches? That's a drop in the bucket! Quack!


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