Grand Valley State University announced their 2014 budget on Friday.  Changes include an increase in tuition.

Tuition will increase by $188 per semester.  The total annual tuition for a full-time GVSU undergraduate from Michigan now stands at $10,454.

The new budget includes a 2% increase in wages for faculty and staff, plus an increase in financial aid for students. reports:

“The quality of the education students receive at Grand Valley is remarkable,” said Shelley Padnos, chair of the Board of Trustees. “Michigan employers know that. Our graduates are finding work in Michigan and contributing to our region’s economic stability. We have increased financial aid, enabling students to borrow less, and while we had to raise tuition, we kept the dollar amount manageable. When comparing Grand Valley’s costs to those at other schools, it’s important for students and their families to look at the bill in dollars, not the percentage increase in tuition.

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