Not going to lie, just reading this story made me laugh; because who robs a Tim Horton’s except for a heavy-set man as he was described in the Fox 17 story.

Fox 17 reports that a heavy set guy wearing a grey sweatshirt and holding a silver revolver walked into the Tim Horton’s on Fulton St. Saturday afternoon around 4:30 pm.

Police told Fox 17 that the guy got scared off by an alarm and ran off; and has yet to be found.

Here’s my hypothesis, I think the guy lives VERY close.  I mean he ran off and police didn’t find him and If he’s described as heavy-set, I doubt he could run far; and that’s just from personal knowledge.

Also, did he want any money or just all the Timbits? Those are delicious.

If you know of anyone on the west side of Grand Rapids, who was disappointed they didn’t get donut holes and was extremely sweaty Saturday afternoon, call GRPD (616) 456-3400 or Silent Observer.