The New England Patriots' star tight end, Ron Gronkowski was once supposed to be a Detroit Lion, but that trade never happened.  Well, after the announcement that Gronk was coming out of retirement and being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, more of the backstory is being revealed.

In a video posted a few days ago by FOX Sports, Gronk explained how he got out of being a Detroit Lion: "I was actually traded to the Detroit Lions... and I got the phone call, and this was, I was contemplating if I should retire or not about 2 years ago.  And I was like 'you just traded me to the Lions?'  I go 'well I'm retired, like I don't know how that trade can go through' and then two days later that trade never went through"

Gronkowski is now reunited with his old quarterback Tom Brady and is ready to start the next season as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

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