There are a lot of things that make ArtPrize work.  Things that you may not even think about.  What if next year during Artprize you and your family hosted one of the many artists that visit our beautiful city.  The experiences you share with these Artprize artists that come from all over the world, will be lasting memories for you and your children.  Learn how you can become a host family next year.

As an artist, you have to really want to share your art, to spend as much money as it can cost you to participate in ArtPrize.

Some artists use all of their vacation for the year, just to visit and show in Grand Rapids.  Not to mention airfare, if they are coming from another city, and car rental, and food and other incidentals.

But the payoff is worth it for this host family.  It's a way to give back and experience different cultures!