I guess the question to ask here is who WON'T be grilling this weekend? Not I! Probably not you, because you have to. It's required that you fire up the grill, especially for the 4th of July weekend and cook something, anything, but cook!

Okay, seriously, this weekend will most likely be like any other weekend except that there will probably be more people grilling than ever before because most of us won't be going anywhere but our own back yard. COVID10 you know! So, just in case you have forgotten, or might just be distracted while tending to the cooking, Travelers Insurance is offering some pretty good safety tip reminders for all of us. Better safe than sorry.

You may be the kind of person who fires up the grill all year long at tailgating parties, or maybe you wait for a warm summer day and a backyard full of friends before you put on your apron. Either way, grilling can be one of life’s simple pleasures.But, think about it, there can be some danger in your grilling.

For example, did you know that leaving the grill unattended, not cleaning grease or fat build up properly, or placing the grill too close to combustible siding can cause injuries, fires and property damage?

Take some time to "learn all about it" HERE, and, be safe and healthy.

Happy 4th of July!

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