Mars Hill Bible Church pastor Rob Bell will be featured in an upcoming Time magazine. The story titled "Is Hell Dead?", digs in to the ongoing controversy surrounding his book "Love Wins" --  which advocates that Christians  reexamine traditional definitions of heaven and hell and has attracted both widespread criticism and enthusiasm.

"I have long wondered if there is a massive shift coming in what it means to be a Christian," Bell tells the magazine. "Something new is in the air."

The article covers Bell's rise from a young charismatic pastor in Grandville to powerful evangelical leader at the center of massive theological debate and media attention.

Reporter Jon Meacham digs deep, asking Bell whether there's any Christian justification for the burning of a Koran by a Florida pastor, which resulted in the killings of U.N. workers in Afghanistan.

"I think Jesus shares your critique," Bell tells him. "We don't burn other people's books. I think Jesus is fairly pissed off about it as well."

The issue is on newsstands this week.