While I was searching the Facebook site, If you Grew Up in Grand Rapids, I stumbled on a post from Diane Mooney, and what memories it brought back.

The Great Lakes Shipping Company, Duba's and the Schnitzelbank were great restaurants in their day.

Diane Mooney
Diane Mooney

The Shipping Company just closed a year or two ago, and has been torn down, sadly, due to a dispute with their landlord. With it's cozy, multiple fireplaces and bar, it was a must visit local watering hole and restaurant.

Duba's, which was on Stockiing on the West Side for ever, and always a great, cozy place for a wonderful meal, built a new location on the Beltline at I-96, where a motel and Gravity now sit. They were a Grand Rapids tradition for decades.

And, of course, the venerable Schnitzelbank. The restaurant was the oldest restaurant in Grand Rapids. Affectionately known as “The Schnitz” by all who loved to eat there, this German restaurant opened in 1934 on Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids and moved to its Jefferson Street location in 1938. The restaurant was family-owned and run for three generation. Surrounded by Mary Free Bed Hospital, after many overtures, the owners of the Schnitzelbank decided that the time had come and the offer was right to sell the restaurant to the hospital. 

What other great, Grand Rapids restaurants do you miss?

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