Oh man. I thought I had it bad when I got the word "BEG" in my license plate... that's nothing compared to this Grand Rapids reporter's new plate.

WOOD-TV 8 anchor and reporter Lynsey Mukomel, who is originally from Troy, Mich., shared her unfortunate plate on Twitter.

CAN YOU IMAGINE? Apparently the odds of getting this plate are about 1 in 17.5 million.

What would you do? After I died laughing, I might consider keeping the plate, because it's damn hilarious.

Lynsey though, opted to contact the Secretary of State and get a new plate. She Tweeted,

Erik at the Plainfield branch was incredibly helpful after he giggled a bit. This WILL NOT be on my car. Phew!!"

What's the best/worst license plate you've ever seen?

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