Donald Trump made a campaign stop at the DeltaPlex in Grand Rapids on Monday, and while many showed up to support him, there were a few hecklers in the audience as well.

Part of the speech was being televised on MSNBC when they caught one man yelling at Trump that he is "a bigot" before being thrown out of the venue, and then another yelled something (that's kind of hard to make out) before also being removed from the premises. 

Trump's supporters booed the men, telling them in no uncertain terms to "shut up", and then chanting "USA! USA! USA!" after they were removed.

Trump took the heckling in stride, asking for the men to be removed but then seemingly laughing it off.

In all, Trump's speech Monday night was interrupted more than ten times, with all of the hecklers being removed. At one point, The Donald inferred that the protesters may be "drugged out".


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