Mayor Rosalynn Bliss was proud to announce that downtown outdoor dining in Grand Rapids will continue through the summer and fall.

The city commission gave an all "aye" to approve the extension through November 1st. Called Social Zones, seen mostly on Monroe Center and Ionia downtown, the blocked off areas allow restaurants and bars to have outdoor seating. It gives the businesses a chance to serve more customers since indoor capacity is capped at 50%.

Also, in those "zone" areas, you will be able to bring in sealed alcoholic drinks and, or, be served by the nearby bar or restaurant. Very cool!

Of course there are other zone areas in the city, specifically the Bridge Street entertainment district and North Monroe.

There is a safety factor here too. It looks like many people may still shy away from indoor dining and drinking due to the potential of the spread of COVID, so being able to dine and drink outside in open spaces will help big time.


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