Allstate, the insurance folks, announced the launch of its "Life Can Surprise You" campaign focusing on the unique needs of families and individuals experiencing "firsts." In addition to new national advertising, the campaign will target young families in eight markets including Grand Rapids. The other cities chosen are: Minneapolis, Minnesota;  Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas; San Antonio and Austin, Texas; Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. Individuals in these markets can connect with an Allstate agency owner for access to offers from well-established companies such as Angie's List™, as they experience "firsts" and navigate life's uncertainties.

"Buying a home or car and having a new baby are some of the most celebrated milestones in a person's life. There's so much excitement and a perception that everything is going to be great," says Lisa Cochrane, senior vice president, Allstate Integrated Marketing Communications. "But these 'firsts' can actually be overwhelming and full of uncertainty. Now an Allstate Agent can help with 'firsts' -- and throughout life -- in ways people never expected, offering solutions centered around that first home, first car, and growing family."

What do you do when your pipes burst six weeks after buying a new home? How do you determine how much life insurance is right for your family when you have a newborn and are functioning on little to no sleep? Or how do you buy that car seat for the new minivan you swore you'd never buy? Car repairs, home safety and maintenance, and questions about financial security – these are all things young families are generally not well prepared to address.

Here are just a few of the unique solutions Allstate Agencies now offer:

Customized one-year membership to Angie's List™ – Through a complimentary one-year subscription to Angie's List, members can access listings online and read reviews of service providers for home repair jobs that a new homeowner may not have the knowledge or time to fix. (Available in eight pilot markets only)

"TrueTerm with TrueFit" Life Insurance – "TrueTerm with TrueFit" life insurance, issued by Lincoln Benefit Life Company, provides flexible coverage layers to help ensure a family's most important financial obligations can be met (replacing income, paying off a home, having money during retirement, sending kids to college) for the length of time they want and the amount they want, so they never have to pay for insurance they don't want.

An Array of Special Offers – Allstate Car Buying Service (powered by TrueCar), car seat discounts from Safety 1st, and Allstate Realty Advantage (which provides real estate agent referrals and, in most states, cash back on home sales and purchases (program not available in Iowa)) – all help make sure young families are getting the most out of their money.

The "Life Can Surprise You" campaign will be supported with national television and digital media, as well as localized advertising in eight select markets across the country, including TV, radio, digital, mobile, print and cinema.

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