The constant cloudiness isn't helping, is it?

The Grand Rapids metro has a lot going for it: a steady economy, a thriving downtown and safe neighborhoods. So why are we so sad?

The study found GR had several factors that lead to and contribute to depression, not to mention the fact that 25% of adults have been diagnosed with clinical depression. Other factors were obesity, the divorce rate (which is fairly low here) and average income.

#1 – Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI

  • Share of adults ever diagnosed with depression: 25.0%
  • Share of adults who are obese (BMI 30.0 – 99.8): 32.3%
  • Share of total population with a disability: 11.1%
  • Share of total population who are divorced: 10.4%
  • Mean household income: $79,512
  • Share of total population below poverty level: 10.0%

Christy Buck of the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan told FOX 17 News, "You look at the study and you wonder if more people were reporting because they become more knowledgeable about depression and we’re talking about it more?"

Buck added that this study has a positive spin if you look for it.

"It’s a call to action to make sure that we’re doing what we should be doing and that would be making sure that people know where to access services, and where services are available," Buck said. "In addition, lets talk about great things like exercising and eating right and putting all of these protective factors into play."

A little more sun would help. I mean, we've gone 10 days without and I feel like crap.

So let's be mindful of each other and try to reach out to our friends and make sure they're feeling alright this holiday season. Isolation and loneliness take a great toll in the long Michigan winters.

The Mental Health Foundation reminds us that they are here to help, if you are in crisis and need immediate help call 911 or 1.800.273.8255.






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