A Grand Rapids couple is bringing romance to new heights tomorrow...literally.

Grant Engler and Amanda Volf will be married in jet packs.

The not-so-traditional ceremony will take place in Newport Beach, California.

Mlive.com has more info on the jet pack wedding:

The logistics so far have Engler and Volf soaring ashore from Newport Harbor using a Jetlev R200 water-powered jet pack system being furnished by Jetlev Southwest.

The system retails at an introductory price of $99,500, according to Jetlev’s website. The jet pack ostensibly straps to the user, and is connected by a 30-foot hose to a boat unit that feeds water to power the device.

The couple will be greeted upon landing by wedding attendees, which Engler said totals some 70-plus family and friends. Engler will be wearing a wet suit and white bow tie; Volf will don a rash guard, white board shorts and a white veil.

Engler will land near a former ZOZI employee, who started a side career officiating weddings and will preside over the couple's. Volf will land on the beach near her father, who will escort her down the aisle.

After vows are traded, Engler and Volf will take off by jet pack to share their first “dance” above the water while Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me” plays on the beach.

Good luck and congratulations to Grant and Amanda!