Another Grand Rapids business has fallen victim to the pandemic.

GR Bagel Espresso & Bagel Bar in the Eastown neighborhood shared the unfortunate news that after seven years they would be ceasing operations.

Seven years and two expansions later, we were positioned for our best year yet. But like so many other small businesses, we have felt the impact of the pandemic.

In the Instagram post, the owners explain that with their lease approaching its end and business being so up in the air they made the difficult decision to permanently close.

Things might not be so sad after all, though. Customers who were a fan of GR Bagel can expect to see a different food concept from the owners sometime in the future.

This isn’t goodbye forever - keep an eye out for a new food venture from us coming soon.

GR Bagel is known for their authentic and organic bagels and handmade cream cheeses. According to their website, they used only local and organic ingredients when possible.

Some other businesses in Grand Rapids to announce their closures due to effects of the pandemic include the Grand Central Market which is closing after 15 years downtown, a Mediterranean restaurant, and most recently Madcap announced they're closing their Downtown Market location.

Non-food related, The James Salon & Spa had to close their East Grand Rapids location and a West MI pet groomer also shut down their school and services after 28 years in business.

The coronavirus has not only taken away lives but also livelihoods. Now that businesses are beginning to reopen let's make sure to get out there and show our support so we can reignite our local economy!

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