Remember when we all heard that there were 9 nurses in a hospital in Maine that were all pregnant at the same time and we all thought, what a winter?

Well, Fox 17 reports that Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital did their own count and found out that in the past year, they’ve had 32 nurses and physicians pregnant in their hospital, leading to many jokes about what’s in the water around there.

According to the FOX 17 story, most of the ladies are nurses, but a few are physicians as well.  They also report that 32 pregnant employees account for about 10-15% of the staff.

So yeah, maybe there is something in the water, because one of the nurses FOX 17 talked to, had delivered her fourth child in one of the birthing rooms, meaning out of the 32 new or expectant moms, they aren’t 32 first timers… sooo maybe take a bottle of water in, if you’re not ready to be a mom yet.

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