Talked to Josh Depenbrok this morning from grNow and he mentioned the Great Lakes Kite Festival.   It took me back to my days in Detroit.  I couldn't wait for the springtime when the wind would start kicking up and I would head over to the church parking lot where there weren't too many overhead wires and I would run as fast as I could to get my kite in the air.  I would make it dip and soar.  I think kids who even spend a lot of time behind a computer screen or in front of the television flying a virtual kite might even enjoy this. You can bring your own kite or test fly some of the newest kites on the market.  (I remember my dad, and my brother and I, making a kite a couple times.  That was a fun adventure too, except when I bent the wood spine of the kite back too far and it snapped)

We've got perfect weekend weather heading our way for Friday, Saturday and Sunday so pack up the car and head out to Grand Haven.  There will be giant kites, stunt kites, new state of the art kites, old fashioned paper kites, plastic kites and kites of all kind that will be flying high in the skies of Grand Haven.

It will be especially fun for the kids too.  Mackinaw Kites and Toys will host this annual event on the beaches of Grand Haven State Park.  There will be lots of activities aimed at kids of all ages and there will even be an inflatable obstacle course for kids to navigate.  General Admission is free!

Pick a day and see what's going on.  Here's a List of Events and Times.

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