What's going on here?  Is this a mirage?  West Michigan gas prices are averaging $3.70 to start the week, a nearly 20-cent drop from a week ago.

The "so-called" experts were predicting doom-and-gloom with prices possibly hitting $5 a gallon by summer.  Well, not so.  In fact, this represents a 45-cent drop from a year ago. Gas was $3.51 at some stations in Cedar Springs and Sparta on this morning, according to GrandRapidsGasPrices.com.

West Michigan prices were topping out at $3.79 at some southwest Grand Rapids stations, according to the website. Prices in Muskegon and Holland varied within that frame.

We are getting some relief at the pump ahead of the summer driving season, according to CNN Money, which published a report last week saying gas prices have tumbled down and should continue in that direction.

The price of oil is dropping, according to CNN, and despite crude oil and gas being near their peak in recent weeks, the onset of new technologies to extract oil from shale and oil sands is helping drive down costs.

Time to fire-up the roadster, Mother.  Let's get that vacation going!