More fun trivia with Friday 5 The Hard Way trivia game.

If a listener gets all five questions correct, they win the prize!

Here are today's questions and answers.

Friday 5 The Hard Way

1. What was the name of the mischevious puppy in the Disney movie "Lady and the Tramp 2?"


2. The statement, "The right of citizens to vote shall not be denied because of sex" became a part of the U.S. Constitution in what year? Was it 1787 when the constitution was written, or as an amendment in 1865, 1920, or 1945?

1920 - 19th amendment to the constitution

3. What is the legal term for a voluntary written statement made under oath?


4. If you have 1000 pennies, 1000 nickels, 1000 dimes, 1000 quarters, and 1000 half dollars, then how much do you have altogether?

$910.00: 1000 * .91

5. What part of speech is the word "the"?

DEFINITE ARTICLE "a" and "an" are indefinite articles