Jared Ward won the 2015 Fifth Third River Bank Run with a time of 1:14:45 on Saturday, May 9.

Christo Landry finished in second place, just 16 seconds behind Ward. Landry's run may be most remembered for his bloody shoes and feet, the result of a "rookie move".

Saturday's weather and forecast kept some away, but total registration for Saturday's races in Grand Rapids was 17,249. That's down from 18,478 in 2014.

6,085 were registered for the 25k which was recognized by United States Track & Field as an Olympic Trials qualifying event. The recognition brought even more elite runners to the Fifth Third River Bank run including 29-year-old Cristo Landry of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Landry is the American record holder in the 25k, he owns the fourth-fastest 10-mile time for an American and he is a three-time NCAA Division 1 Cross Country All-American.

There is no doubt about Landry's skill or determination. If anything, he proved that even more on Saturday by overcoming a "rookie move". Landry shared photos and explained the error shortly after Saturday's race.

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