With spring break upon us, and the summer travel months just around the corner, what is your favorite snack while you are stuck in the car on a road trip?

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For years I would travel with a couple of friends and our favorite always seemed to be the Twizzlers red licorice. I'm not sure how we ever discovered that particular snack over all the others, but we did -- and it is still a traveling favorite for me.

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What Is Your Favorite Snack When Traveling in the Car?

The website Upgraded Points did a state-by-state survey to find out what everyone is eating. They used Google Trends data to determine the favorite road trip snack for residents in every state in the country.

They put all the snacks into three categories -- salty, sweet, or healthy snacks.

Salty snacks were the clear winners among travelers. Potato chips were the number one snack for people in 10 different states. Coming in second on the list were Combos as the number 1 snack in seven states.

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Tied for second place were rice cakes. Even though I consider these things to be tasteless and a waste of good rice, the circular snack was also number 1 in a total of seven states.

A total of five states like to munch on Sour Patch Kids, while four states chose sunflower seeds as their go to snack in the car.

The strangest snack to make the list was hummus. Who eats hummus while traveling? I like hummus, but I've never thought of it as an "in the car" snack.

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Other snacks making the list included Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Popcorn, and Pork Rinds.

Some of the other favorite snacks included string cheese, nuts, Cheeze-its, Snickers, beef jerky, trail mix, pretzels, and fruit snacks. Sadly, no Twizzlers made the list.

What was the Favorite Road Trip Snack in Michigan?

Here in Michigan we like to munch on potato chips -- the most popular snack. The question then is what type of potato chip do you like? Regular, sour cream and onion, or perhaps barbeque? And the brand of chip is also important...are you a fan of Lays, Jays, Ruffles, Pringles (not really potato chips!), or Michigan-made Better Made Potato Chips?

Better Made Potato Chips
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To see the complete results of the Upgraded Points survey, check out the story on their website.

Happy Roadtripping and Snacking!!

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