It's crazy to think that heading into the fourth major championship of the 2011 season, the talk of the golf world would be about a caddie, but if nothing else, Tiger Woods sure drums up interest in the golf world.

As you've heard by now, Tiger's ex-caddie, Steve Williams, won on the bag of Adam Scott on Sunday (and let us remember, that was Scott that won, Williams helping out as much as he can), and directly after the final putt dropped, Williams said, "This is the best week of my life ... that's the best win I've ever had."

A lot of people were taken back by such comments, especially since Williams was on the bag for 13 of Tiger's 14 major titles, and said so, most notably current U.S. Open champion Rory McIlroy.

The Northern Irishman  said, "You say things in the heat of the moment — Stevie maybe went a little far ... I definitely think it took away from Adam's win. It was a phenomenal win — he played unbelievable all week."

Williams did back away from his comments, telling, "Looking back on it, I was a bit over the top ... I had a lot of anger in me about what happened [with Woods] and it all came out."

Being angry about being fired is completely justified. Anyone that has ever been let go knows that the first thing you want to do is air out your dirty laundry wherever you can, and scream about how bad your former employee was. Thinking that is one thing. Going on Facebook and ranting about it is completely different, and makes you look like the lesser person.

Williams accepting, and then giving, that interview just made him look bad and it is nice to see that he now accepts that what he said wasn't the best move. Yes, Tiger might have fired Williams in a bit of an immature way, but he also made the guy the most famous caddie in the world, and will forever be the reason that Steve gets to drive those flashy cars and live the life he gets to live. Most PGA Tour players would be lucky enough to have the type of financial career Williams has had, and while it seems he is still upset, I'm glad he's backing off from what he initially said.

Now, time to get back to talking about the actual golfers that might have a chance to win this great major championship. Hopefully the only caddie story you'll hear from here on out is about which one stayed at the pub too long.

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