Even without COVID, your chances of getting a pass to the Masters, the second week of April this year, would be about as good as being on the next space flight to Mars! Yep! Not a chance! But, if you're a real golf fan, and love the Masters, you can actually eat and partly as if you were there!

The Masters will actually have a limited number of fans in the galleries. Not you, of course, but some fans who ponied up large dollars. They're be watching some of the best golfers in the world play one of the best and most iconic courses in golf. And, they're be dining of the most favorite of the Masters food.

Let's face it, the food concession's at the Masters are just as iconic as the tournament itself. So, even though you're not there, you can have your very own “Taste of the Masters” food package.

That's right you can order online and have it delivered to your door by April 9th. Cool, huh?

For only $150, you can get pimento cheese, egg salad, pork barbecue and potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, pecan caramel popcorn, masters cups and Masters checkerboard serving paper. And, all of this will serve four people, or more, if you're a light eater...Ha!

Interested? CLICK HERE and get started.


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