The Grand Rapids Police posted on Facebook Wednesday afternoon, to not be alarmed if you happen to see a low flying helicopter flying around your house or neighborhood.  They know it's there and it's for a good reason.

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, the International Transmission Company is going to be flying around Grand Rapids checking on electrical transmission lines. They do this a few times a year according to GRPD.

They'll be flying around checking the high voltage lines from Thursday the 19th through next Friday, September 27th.

So if you see a tan and green helicopter flying around and occasionally flying pretty close to the power lines, don't worry, it's supposed to be there. Also, don't freak out that they're spying on you or trying to find your grow operation - cause they're not.

Maybe even do as the police say on their post, and take the kids out to get a cool, closer look of a helicopter in the air.

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