Our winters have been relative mild for the past several years, but for those around in 1978, it was anything but a mild winter. It was WILD!

Grand Rapids, and all of Michigan was at a standstill for days, with effects of the Blizzard of '78 lasting most of the month of January. I remember we has so much snow at our house that I couldn't get to work for 4-days. My wife and I had to dig a path out the door just to get out. And, with the snow drifted three to four feet high, we didn't get very far. Our neighbor, Jerry Helmholdt, who later would become Mayor of Grand Rapids, drove his snowmobile down our neighborhood roads taking food orders and would run up to the grocery store for the basics, bread, milk, etc., for all of us. What a guy.

For those who do remember, and for those who can't believe that we actually had that much snow, check out this You Tube video I found.



Yes, it's true Virginia, there really was a Blizzard of '78.

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