Sunshine, Friday, Payday....312 million dollars to a single winner.... what will it take to put you in a good mood.  Me, I'm feeling good about warmer weather, the golf season, my summer clothes.   Maybe the anticipation of getting tax money back has me in a better mood.  I don't know, but the optimism of spring can't be beat.

If the people around you seem to be more chipper these days, it might be simply because of the change of season.  Two-thirds of those taking part in a new Rasmussen Reports poll say their mood tends to improve as the Earth transitions from winter to spring.  This time of year ushers in a six-month period that the majority prefers, with 31-percent saying spring is their favorite season and 32-percent love summer the most.  Fall is only slightly less popular, with 28-percent of the vote.  Meanwhile only six-percent are big fans of winter.

But beware -- there are still a few grouches out there.  Three-percent admit springtime puts them in a sour mood.  Allergies could be to blame.  Three out of four people taking part in another Rasmussen Reports poll say they either have allergies or know someone who suffers with them.  Sixty-percent of these people add that their symptoms seem to be worse in the spring.