The "fight of the century," or so it was called by some, is over. The Mayweather/Paaquiao fight was Saturday night, and Floyd Mayweather won by unanimous decision in 12 rounds.

Did you see it? By all reports is was very under whelming. Many were disappointed at the lack of actual fighting. However, that wasn't the only topic of conversation.The other hot topic was Jamie Foxx. He didn't fight Saturday night, but he sure took a beating...on Twitter.

Foxx sang the national anthem before the fight. I'll have to admit is was under whelming as well, and Twitter followers blew it up. What do you think?


News media reported Larry the Cable Guy joined the fun, tweeting, "Both Boxers should take the first minute of the 1st round and knock out Jamie Foxx for butchering the Anthem!!"

Here's what other tweeps had to say:

"Jamie Foxx killed the national anthem. And by killed it I mean it was like road kill."
"Pretty sure Roseanne is smiling after that Jamie Foxx performance."
"Jamie Foxx. What a talented singer and actor, what a tremendously terrible version of the American national anthem!"
"If there’s anything we all learned from this, it’s that Jamie Foxx can’t sing."
"Jamie Foxx, you tried but that anthem was dreadful to watch."
"Let’s all just erase Jamie Foxx’s appearance from our collective memory."

Ouch!  Jamie, better go back to making movies.